NFL Football Betting Mistakes

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL football betting gamblers that lose money make a number of mistakes every single season. Money can be made at football gambling but avoiding mistakes is the big key.

NFL football betting mistakes can be avoided if you know what to look for. Many bettors begin football gambling by playing too many favorites. football betting players are always looking at the sportsbook betting lines from a perspective of a gambler picking games straight up, without regard to the merits or value of the board itself.

When the New England Patriots host the Cleveland Browns it is a mismatch from a straight up perspective but from a pointspread or NFL football betting line perspective it may well be a close result, after all, that is why there is a NFL football betting line in the first place, to make both sides equally appealing.

The NFL football betting oddsmakers are fully aware of the public’s tendency to lean with favorites, which means that often times the chalk is laying more points than what is actually merited, making them an “overlay” which is one of the deadliest sins in football gambling. If you know nothing else about NFL football betting, know this; if you cannot see it coming you are likely to get blindsided. Expect the unexpected in NFL football betting.
Just go back on your own wagering, or in your experience as a pro football fan and think of the countless times that the unexpected happened, and the one thing that nobody saw coming ended up showing up and the front door with a smile. You cannot afford to think in a typical fashion with NFL football betting as there is no value in it.

Gamblers play too many games, and for too many various different reasons, many of which ultimately come down to the “feel.” At the end of the day, winners are highly selective and play a scant amount of games, only the very best or top value selections on the board. Avoiding favorites and being selective is a good way to win when you are betting NFL games.

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