NFL Football Betting Method

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The typical football betting gambler does not have a solid methodology that he uses as he starts to bet football.

Football betting on NFL games is the most popular of all forms of sports betting and has an excitement and drama that cannot be matched, even at the tables or slot machines. That being said, NFL football betting is also gambling’s greatest challenge and you should be under no illusions about the difficulty that you will face in trying to beat the oddsmakers when you bet football.

Football betting methods are all over the place and the first thing to know about most of these methods is that they lose money. That is not at all meant to be an insult but instead is merely a statement of fact. Why do so many of the football betting methods lose? The most common reasons that people lose when they bet football is that they have no real plan, use methods that are constantly changing and have no discipline. The majority of pro football betting gamblers will get their information from the same sources in the traditional media, the Internet, and from tout sheets and then all think the same way, talk the same way, and bet the same way, which is the wrong way. There is no NFL football betting value to be had by following the crowd and, in fact, it’s a good way to add to your handicap that you start out with against the house edge.

Even a guy that picks teams out of a hat at least has that methodology and will go fifty-percent over the long run. But many football betting gamblers do worse than fifty-percent because they keep changing gears and reacting to losses or negativity as they bet football.

Along with their lack of planning and methodology the majority of NFL football betting gamblers lack discipline. They will bet widely different amounts on the games, often chasing losses and going on tilt, and often betting more than their actual bankroll amount truly is. NFL football betting gamblers will jump from one hot item to the next, but always arriving late because they are reactive in nature rather than proactive. In essence, too many football betting gamblers are betting on last week’s and last season’s results. That is not the best method to use when betting football games.

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