NFL Football Betting Keys

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL football betting at a sportsbook is not nearly as complicated as it is often made out to be.

NFL football betting is always easier if you understand what works and what doesn’t. Let’s consider some solid NFL betting keys.

NFL football betting should begin by considering teams with a solid defense. A team that can shut down its opponent will usually stay in the game as a dog and prevent “back door” NFL betting covers. There is nothing more frustrating in NFL football betting than having money on a team that is helpless at stopping its opponent. Another key in NFL betting is to avoid betting money on teams with poor turnover ratios. You simply don’t want to lay out money at a sportsbook on teams that are constantly beating themselves and giving games (and NFL football betting money) away. Conversely, if you can wager on teams with excellent turnover ratios in NFL football betting you may find yourself celebrating lucking wins rather than “bad beats”. Good luck tends to attract itself to those who make their own luck and teams with a knack of forcing turnovers from their opponents while avoiding them on their own can steal a lot of games for NFL football betting players.

Teams with a clear cut edge at quarterback are always worth considering against the NFL football betting lines. Good quarterbacks can keep teams in game and rally them from behind, often bringing them in through the back door with NFL football betting pointspread covers. Coaching can often be a huge factor in NFL betting at a sportsbook as some coaches have the ability to nearly always have their teams prepared and ready to play while others have teams that are reflections of their own inability to be organized or consistent. Coaches have more of an impact in NFL football betting than they do in other forms of sports betting like baseball or basketball. Coaching decisions can impact a football game more so than a baseball game because football is more of a team game while baseball is about individual matchups. The same holds true in basketball where one-on-one matchups oftentimes decide the game. Football is different because play calling and time management can oftentimes decide the outcome of a game.

Those are just a few NFL football betting keys you can use to make more money this season.

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