NFL Football Betting Game is the Same

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Part of being a disciplined NFL football betting player is realizing that, when it comes to the NFL football betting boards, no game is any more important than the other.

There is still a football pointspread, still the vig, still an over/under and all of it is still put together by expert football betting linemakers whether it’s a middle of the season game between Tennessee and New Orleans or the Super Bowl.

One of the major weaknesses that NFL football betting fans have and one of the most common and costly mistakes that they make is when they place special emphasis on special marquee games on the NFL football betting card each week such as Sunday or Monday Night Football betting .
Why is a Sunday or Monday Night football game more valuable and important than a matchup of two last place teams in NFL betting? IT’S NOT! And the sooner you discover that and conduct yourself with that in mind, the sooner you will make yourself a disciplined pro football betting player that is on his way to making money in NFL betting.
To illustrate this, let’s take your average mainstream pro football betting fan. He has a good Sunday afternoon going 3-2 on his sides and totals and now is ready to watch the Sunday Night TV football game that is evenly matched and tough to figure with a well made line. What does he do? He bets three times what he normally does on the day football games on this single NFL betting Sunday Night game that he can’t even figure out, only because it’s the Sunday Night feature game. Can you see the nonsense of this? It happens all the time in football betting. Worse still is the Monday Night Syndrome, when even normally rational and intelligent NFL betting fans “lose it.” Unlike the Sunday Night football game, Monday Night Football is the ONLY game played that day and since it is the day after the full slate of NFL betting games, NFL betting fans have had a day t either celebrate or get over what happened on Sunday. And for whatever reason, even bettors who had successful Sundays will often bet several times more on this one game than they would on a stronger Sunday selection, all because it’s Monday Night Football. And don’t even get started on the Super Bowl!

Part of separating yourself from the mainstream NFL football betting crowd of lemmings is to develop a detached attitude about so called marquee games. While they are important to the league, the teams involved, and their NFL football betting fans they are no more or less important than any other game to a cold-blooded rational pro football betting player with iron discipline.

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