NFL Football Betting Futures and Props

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

You can also get football betting futures on each team to win their respective conference championships as you bet football.

Football betting futures and proposition wagering has come a long way from where it was a generation ago when a gambler could basically just get odds on teams to win the Super Bowl and a few individual statistic “props” for Monday Night Football. Futures and prop NFL football betting has evolved from something that was offered to Las Vegas tourists for them to have “action” on their home town team to a science in and of itself that is now taken seriously by professionals who bet football.

Football betting futures start with the odds on teams to make the Super Bowl. Just as is the case with betting pointspreads, value is the key component of futures football betting. Teams that were in the playoffs or Super Bowl the year before, along with teams that made high profile offseason moves, are poor futures bets because their football betting odds are low, and a gambler’s money therefore is tied up for several months with little return offered, even if the bet wins.

A highly popular form of futures NFL football betting is over/unders on a team’s total amount of wins in the regular season. For example, if you saw a futures win total such as “Cincinnati Bengals 8.5” you would bet football futures on whether or not the Bengals would go over or under 8.5 wins for the regular season.

Another exciting futures football betting feature is having certain regular season games lined months in advance. For example, gamblers can get football betting odds on the NFL’s opening weekend in the summer, months ahead of time. Many professionals will take a flier on these games, and then come back on game day and potentially get a huge price break on the other side, which gives them a no loss guarantee as they bet football.

“Props” NFL football betting ranges from odds on who will win the NFL Most Valuable Player Award to who will lead the league in rushing, passing, receiving, etc. Props have always been popular for Monday Night Football but now are also popular for the other games during the day, especially when they are on television. The Super Bowl props are the most popular of all props in football betting.

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