NFL Football Betting Excitement

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Over/under totals are often full of thrills in football betting as NFL betting online gamblers will often win the over in the final seconds of a game.

Football betting on the NFL is very exciting. The margin of victory in NFL betting online is razor thin and perilous and provides intoxicating thrills for a gambler that can overcome such margins. No tougher line is set by the oddsmakers than the football betting line as NFL betting online is far and away the biggest draw of action in all of sports gambling.

Football betting on NFL games draws in billions of dollars of action each week. One of the greatest thrills in NFL football betting is picking a straight up upset winner against the pointspread. In pro football, underdogs come through all the time but the thrill never gets old and many participants in NFL football betting are always looking for that live dog to bite the overlay/favorite. It is always exciting to see an underdog do well and cover the spread in NFL action.

Another heart stopping thrill in NFL football betting is when a gambler scores a “backdoor cover” with the losing team. This is when an underdog is down by more than the football betting pointspread and gets a late score that, while not enough to overcome the straight up deficit ends up winning the bet for gamblers nonetheless.

Along those same lines another incredible thrill is when a football betting gambler has the chalk and that team mounts a late bail out rally to win the game and cover the NFL football betting spread. In a game that takes around three hours it often comes down to a final drive to settle winners and losers and NFL football betting is never more intense or exciting than when a team has to mount that game saving drive. The thrills never end in NFL betting online action and since the margin is so close and thin, gamblers get great excitement every week.

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