2009 NFL Draft Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

2009 NFL Draft odds have the Detroit Lions making the first pick on Saturday, April 25th.

Many in their 2009 NFL Mock Draft predictions are speculating that the Lions will take Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford with that #1 pick in 2009 NFL Draft odds. 2009 NFL Draft betting should be exciting since Stafford is not the top rated player in the draft, but most people believe in 2009 NFL Draft betting odds that the Lions have to draft a quarterback first.

2009 NFL Draft odds tell us that the St. Louis Rams hold the #2 pick in the draft. 2009 NFL Draft predictions tell us that they might very well select offensive tackle Jason Smith from Baylor. 2009 NFL Draft odds are also popular on Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry who many people have listed as the top prospect in 2009 NFL Draft betting lines. He could easily go at #3 to the Kansas City Chiefs in 2009 NFL Draft odds.

Many people in their 2009 NFL Draft predictions believed the most sure pick in 2009 NFL Draft odds was at #4 where the Seattle Seahawks were expected to take Texas Tech wide receiver Michael Crabtree. This pick in 2009 NFL Draft odds is no longer a total lock though as the Seahawks signed Cincinnati wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh in the off-season. The Cleveland Browns have the #5 pick in 2009 NFL Draft odds while the Cincinnati Bengals hold the #6 pick in 2009 NFL Draft betting. The remainder of the Top 10 in 2009 NFL Draft odds have the Oakland Raiders at #7, Jacksonville Jaguars at #8, Green Bay Packers at #9 and San Francisco 49ers at #10 in 2009 NFL Draft betting. The Browns could take a defensive player while the Bengals and Raiders could choose a receiver in 2009 NFL Draft odds. Jacksonville badly needs a wide receiver as well so they could choose Jeremy Maclin out of Missouri in 2009 NFL Draft lines. The Packers will probably go with defense as the 2009 NFL Mock Draft shows while the 49ers will probably go with an offensive or defensive lineman.

Here is the full 2009 NFL Draft odds order:

1. Detroit 17. N.Y. Jets
2. St. Louis 18. Chicago
3.  Kansas City 19. Tampa Bay
4.  Seattle 20. Detroit (from Dallas)
5. Cleveland 21. Philadelphia
6. Cincinnati 22. Minnesota
7. Oakland 23. New England
8. Jacksonville 24. Atlanta
9. Green Bay 25. Miami
10. San Francisco 26. Baltimore
11. Buffalo 27. Indianapolis
12. Denver 28. Philadelphia (from Carolina)
13. Washington 29. N.Y. Giants
14. New Orleans 30. Tennessee
15. Houston 31. Arizona
16. San Diego 32. Pittsburgh

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