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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Wise Guys that get involved in NFL betting concentrate almost exclusively on getting value for their NFL wagers.

When you talk about value in NFL betting it really means you are getting odds better than what you should be getting.  If your NFL betting line suggests that a game should be -7 and you are getting -4 then you are getting value on that football betting wager.  Let’s look at the value equation and how wise guys use it in NFL betting.

NFL value really means betting when you see the risk versus reward as being in your favor. Many times in football betting that means you are betting underdogs against the pointspread. Most NFL football betting players don’t like betting nfl underdogs and that especially applies to NFL betting.  That is why value is often with the underdogs and why wise guys will take the points in NFL betting. No one likes to take the worse team in any matchup, regardless of the pointspread. What you must remember though is that a weaker team doesn’t have to win the game; they just need to cover in football betting.  That is important to remember in NFL betting.  Many times when you look at the NFL betting pointspread you will think a team has no chance to win.  But what if that team is getting 11 points or more?  Then they may be worth a shot plus the points.  The NFL is a league full of parity and points are very important.  Anytime you are getting points in NFL betting it is worth a look.

Wise guys look at other things for value in NFL betting.  They know that the oddsmakers are not perfect.   They sometimes make mistakes. The NFL betting line is not perfect and there will be times when the wise guys attack the line. Wise guys also look strictly at numbers.  They know the key number in NFL betting odds is the number three with other important numbers of 6, 7, and 10.  They look for possible edges in games with these pointspreads.  For example, if they like an NFL game at +2 and the line is +3 they may make a play on the game even though the difference is only one point because it is such a key number in NFL betting.  A pointspread around the number of 3 is critical to wise guys in NFL betting.

Doing the same things wise guys do in NFL betting is not that hard.  You can look at the exact things they look at.  Look at those pointspreads and the NFL games where the game may fall on a key number.  Look at taking the points in NFL betting. You can bet the same way wise guys do in football betting if you take the time and make the effort.

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