NFL Betting Week 1 Odds and Injury News

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting fans can already begin wagering on the Week 1 odds in anticipation of the upcoming football betting season.

NFL betting enthusiasts who place bets on the Week 1 football betting lines well before the season begins have the advantage of placing wagers before these NFL betting lines shift, as many likely will do. Nevertheless, such NFL betting must be undertaken with a realization that significant injuries can occur before the Week 1 games actually take place, so NFL betting fans should follow the injury news carefully.

NFL betting odds for Week 1 are some of the most exciting NFL betting odds to handicap because they signify the beginning of a new season of thrills and surprises. Teams always change considerably between one year and the next, so one must approach the Week 1 football betting odds assuming that some teams will be much stronger than they were last year while other teams will be much weaker. The Week 1 NFL betting board begins with a Thursday game between last year’s Super Bowl champions, the Giants, and the Washington Redskins. The Giants, who will be playing at home, are naturally favored in the NFL betting line by several points, yet many football betting enthusiasts are unsure about whether the team can even come close to matching last year’s success. Another great Week 1 NFL betting match up that is sure to attract lots of attention is the AFC East game between the Jaguars and Titans. Both of these physical teams have the potential to reach the playoffs, and this hard fought game will unquestionably provide lots of hard hitting NFL betting action. A third excellent NFL betting match up in Week 1 is the Vikings-Packers game on Monday night. This rivalry always provides excellent entertainment and many NFL betting fans believe the improving Vikings will challenge the Packers for control of the NFC North this season.

As is clear, there are lots of great football betting match ups featured in the Week 1 odds, so many NFL betting enthusiasts will be tempted to wager on them as soon as possible. Early NFL betting certainly has its advantages, as one can avoid missing out on excellent NFL betting odds that will eventually be lost. On the other hand, injuries can always occur before Week 1 that will have severe impacts on the NFL betting lines. For example, if a team’s starting quarterback is seriously injured in the preseason then that injury will impact NFL betting on the team throughout the year. This fact alone should not dissuade you from wagering early on the Week 1 NFL betting lines. Nevertheless, it is reason for you to closely monitor the injury news so that you can quickly and effectively react to any injuries that will affect the upcoming NFL season.

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