NFL Betting Value Mistakes

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

To win at NFL betting you need to eliminate mistakes and avoid bad value situations. You can’t give away when you bet football and expect to win.

NFL betting success is all about avoiding mistakes. One of the bigger mistakes that gambler make when they bet football is playing games that have no value. Sometimes in NFL betting you have to avoid bad value games just as much as you need to find good value games.

NFL betting value means that you want to lay fewer points than you should or take more points then you should. For example, if you lay 7 points on a game instead of the 6.5 that was available at some sportsbooks then you are making a mistake. If you are laying 14 points with a home favorite that your ratings determined should only be laying 12 points then you are making a mistake in NFL betting value. The same thing applies to betting totals. You don’t want to be betting a total unless you get proper value in NFL betting.

There are certain things to keep in mind when you bet football in regards to value. You should never lay more points with a favorite than is absolutely necessary in NFL betting. It is not a bad idea to start your own handicapping by looking at the underdog, but there will be occasions you take the favorite. If you are going to take the favorite then you can’t be laying more points than you should be. That is a recipe for losing money at NFL betting.

You always have to remember as a gambler that you have to overcome the house edge when you bet football. It can be done in sports betting, but you have to work at it. Every time you make an overlay as you bet football you are giving the house even more of an edge. You might get away with laying that extra point on occasion but in the long run it will hurt you.

One place that NFL betting gamblers lose value is in garbage games. What are garbage games you ask? They are when you have two poor teams playing each other. What are you going to find in a game like this? More than likely you will find a crapshoot and that is not NFL betting value. You also won’t find value with teams that have poor coaching, erratic quarterbacks, weak defenses, bad turnover margin stats, etc. There is no value in taking these teams.

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