NFL Betting Upsets

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Upsets occur all the time in NFL betting. From huge favorites losing to must win games falling apart, upsets are a part of NFL online betting.

NFL betting upsets occur a lot more than you might think. The “sure things” oftentimes don’t win in NFL online betting. It is tough as an NFL betting gambler to stand alone when you are bombarded and bludgeoned with so-called “experts” telling you the same thing about a game, and when all of your NFL betting friends are all going one way on a game, but if you want to win money you must go against that wave of opinion.

NFL betting is full of stories about “sure things” that crashed and burned. Look what happened in Super Bowl III when the might Baltimore Colts were huge favorites in NFL betting but lost outright to Joe Namath and the New York Jets. In 2001 the St. Louis Rams and their high powered offense was thought to be unbeatable but they lost to the New England Patriots. The Patriots themselves looked like a sure lock in the Super Bowl in NFL online betting against the New York Giants, yet they lost outright.

Another example of NFL betting upsets occurs with the so-called “must win games.” This is where a team has to win either to make the playoffs or to stay alive in the playoff race. These must win games happen every season and one that sticks out was a few years ago in NFL online betting when Buffalo hosted the Pittsburgh Steelers. Buffalo was the hottest team in NFL betting, rising from the dead after a slow start. They were hosting Pittsburgh on the season’s final Sunday, needing only to win to make the playoffs.

Pittsburgh entered the matchup having clinched home field advantage for the AFC playoffs as the number one seed. They would rest all of their key starters to protect them from injury. The conventional wisdom said that Buffalo should be an easy NFL betting winner and that the Steelers wouldn’t try very much. In summary you had the hottest team in football, Buffalo, playing at home against Pittsburgh’s backups, with a playoff berth on the line.

To hear it from the media and masses, this was the biggest lock of all time in NFL betting. There was a tidal wave of money bet on Buffalo for this one, after all, how could it miss? But it did. The one thing that nobody could see happening did happen. Pittsburgh’s backups won the game in an upset, cleaning out the bankrolls of all those that took Buffalo in NFL betting.

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