NFL Betting – These Two Rookie Running Backs Will Make an Impact

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Normally rookies don’t make a big impact on the NFL betting line but there are two running backs that are going to break that trend.

San Diego’s Ryan Mathews and Buffalo’s C.J. Spiller are the feature backs for their respective teams and they will be rookies to watch when you make an NFL bet at Sbg global.

The Buffalo Bills are probably still going to have a poor season but if they are to surprise it will be because of C.J. Spiller who was taken ninth overall in the NFL Draft.  Spiller led the team with three rushing TDs in the preseason and he was named the starter this week. Spiller is a game breaker who can impact the outcome of games this season. There are not many running backs in the NFL who can make that claim. Only two immediately come to mind and they are Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson.

Ryan Matthews – The San Diego Chargers are going to give the ball to Mathews this season.  Head coach Norv Turner has already said he wants Matthews to get a ton of work in his rookie season.  See you Darren Sproles. You are nice little back but Mathews is the real deal. The Chargers won’t miss LaDainian Tomlinson at all. Mathews idolized Tomlinson at Fresno State and even wore his number.  San Diego was so impressed that they moved up in the draft to take Mathews with the 12th overall pick.  San Diego had to move up 16 spots to get him and they are thrilled that they did.

Advantage Mathews – The rookie in San Diego has a big advantage over Spiller because the Chargers are good.  The Bills are still going to be a bad football team in NFL betting so Spiller won’t get as many goal line carries or get as many yards. He might be more explosive but on a losing team he won’t get as much attention. Mathews is on a very good San Diego team that has an excellent quarterback in Philip Rivers, a great tight end in Antonio Gates and a good defense. The Chargers are a probable playoff team and Mathews is going to get a ton of attention.

When you make an NFL bet this season on Buffalo or San Diego you could be rewarded with a victory thanks to two talented rookies.

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