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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Did you know that televised NFL and college football games are bet far more than games not on TV.

Did you know that NFL betting increases substantially on prime time TV games? You may be surprised to learn how much of a difference there is in football betting between a TV game and a game not on television.

As you consider the regular season of football betting action you will find that there are about 40 to 50 college football games and between 14 and 16 NFL games each weekend.  That gives you a total of over 60 games on a typical football betting weekend. The linemakers at sportsbooks spend pretty an equal amount of time on every game as they set the NFL betting , but they spend more time on the NFL betting TV games because those get heavy action. There are a lot of NFL betting players that start and end their handicapping by looking at the televised games. For many NFL betting players if the game is not on TV then it is not going to be bet. Because of this, sportsbooks really have a huge rooting interest in two big games each weekend.  Those two games are the Sunday night NFL game on NBC and the Monday Night Football game on ESPN.  The reason these two NFL betting games are so critical is that they are bail out games for bettors.  Many football betting players want to bail out of their bad Sundays on the Sunday night NBC game. This is a huge bail out game because many online football betting players don’t want to wait until Monday night for the bail out, or they want two shots at a bail out.  Sunday night and Monday night football betting are key NFL betting nights for sportsbooks.

How can you profit from this knowledge in NFL betting? What you want to remember is how the public thinks in regards to NFL betting.  Many times the public is going to bet the favorite and the over in their football betting. It is human nature to bet the better team (the favorite) and the over because everyone likes to see points scored.  This is typical of most NFL betting players.  What you want to remember as an NFL betting players is that the oddsmaker also knows the tendencies of the public to bet the favorite and the over.  The NFL betting odds are adjusted a little bit towards the favorite and the over. Keep in mind that the favorite and the over may still be a good bet but you are paying a higher price to take those two bets.

Most NFL betting players bet the TV games.  Everyone loves to be in action with big prime time games.  As you look at NFL betting in these situations keep in mind that you have two options.  Many NFL betting players forget that they have the side and the total.  You also have another NFL betting option on most prime time games and that is the halftime wager.  Consider that NFL betting option as well when you look at big TV games.  Keep these things in mind the next time you look at TV games this NFL betting season

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