Excellent NFL Betting Trends

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting is very popular in the United States and around the world. There are more people that bet the NFL than any other sport and online sportsbooks get a lot of action during the NFL season.

When we look at Pro football betting there are many factors to consider including NFL betting trends. NFL betting trends can be very useful in your handicapping. Let’s take a look at four excellent ones.

1 – Bet against last year’s Super Bowl winner and last year’s Super Bowl runner-up. This NFL betting system has done well in the past as both the winner and the runner-up from the previous year’s Super Bowl are almost always overpriced in Pro football betting. Rarely do the Super Bowl teams repeat their success the next season.

2 – Bet against any NFL team that is trying to cover as a road favorite for the second week in a row in NFL betting. It is not easy to lay points on the road in the NFL, and doing it two straight weeks is never easy in Pro football betting.

3 – Bet on any NFL home team that has won its last two games as an underdog. You are riding the confident team now and are playing well. Having the team at home is a big edge in NFL betting. This NFL betting tip has hit over 60% in recent years.

4 – Play the home underdog in NFL betting if they won on the road last week. The reasoning here is that the team getting points is coming off a nice victory last week on the road. This NFL betting tip has done well over the years hitting over 60% through the years. You should have a decent amount of plays during the NFL season.

Keep these NFL betting trends in mind this year as you bet NFL action. These Pro football betting tips should help you make money this season. You may have to be patient and wait for the situations to arise, but when they do you can profit from them in NFL betting.

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