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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

One area that can lead you to winners in NFL betting is the NFL organization.

In today’s NFL with free agency and roster changes it is sometimes difficult to keep up with all of the changes as you look at football betting.

You would think that with all of the NFL player movement that teams would become more unpredictable but oftentimes NFL organizations stay the same.  Winning NFL teams continue to win and losing NFL teams continue to lose for NFL betting players.  As you look at NFL betting you may want to start by looking at the top.

The New England Patriots have definitely done things right as an organization in the last decade or so.  They have an owner that is willing to spend money and they have a very talented coaching staff and continue to find players that know how to win.  They are a good team to follow in your NFL football betting.  New England has built a dynasty despite all of the free agency in the NFL.  They have found ways to win for NFL betting players.  Other teams like Detroit or Arizona have continually found ways to lose for NFL betting players.  The Lions are a football betting player’s nightmare.  They continually find ways to lose and it starts at the top with an incompetent management team led by Matt Millen.  The Lions will always be losers with someone like that in charge for NFL betting players.  The Arizona Cardinals have had similar problems and have been a poor team for NFL betting players.  They have an owner that doesn’t understand the NFL game and they have continually lost for NFL betting players.

Other NFL organizations are similar in that they win or lose for NFL betting players on a regular basis.  The Pittsburgh Steelers have been a stable organization and usually find ways to win for NFL betting players. Other teams like Kansas City and Denver find ways to win at home but struggle on the road for NFL betting players.  These organizations have personalities that usually start at the top.  If you can identify these traits you can find an edge in football betting.

A team that continually struggles even with high priced talent is the Atlanta Falcons.  They have an overrated quarterback in Michael Vick and an organization that does not know how to win for football betting players.  Other teams like Washington and Dallas spend a lot of money searching for what they used to have in the past.  Identifying these teams and their personalities is important in NFL betting. If you can find organizations that continually win or lose for you in NFL betting it will be a great help in your football betting.

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