NFL Betting: The Importance of the First Four Weeks

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting at the beginning of the season is exciting because the first few weeks set the tone for the remainder of the football betting year.

NFL betting fans always must pay attention to a team’s schedule, as the strength of a team’s competition will inevitably impact the team’s football betting lines. The difficulty of a team’s schedule is particularly important during the first quarter of the season because how well a team begins a season can impact the remainder of the season. Consequently, NFL betting fans should always evaluate a team’s schedule before the football betting season begins in order to be prepared for the likely wins and losses with which a team will begin the new season.

NFL betting during the first four weeks of the season is often some of the most exciting NFL football betting of the year, simply because gamblers are able to observe how teams have progressed since the previous year. A team that loses three or four of its first four games will quite possibly lose confidence and begin having internal problems, while a team that wins three or four of its first four games will start to build confidence for the rest of the season. These reactions will likely occur regardless of how difficult a team’s schedule is, meaning that teams with easy schedules have a greater opportunity to build necessary confidence for the year in the first few weeks of a season. Furthermore, how teams perform in the first quarter of the season will likely impact the team’s NFL betting lines in the subsequent weeks, as teams that succeed will be favored more heavily in the football betting odds while teams that struggle will lose stature in the football betting odds.

Because the first four weeks of the season are so important for a team’s confidence and future NFL betting lines, it is important for NFL betting enthusiasts to carefully evaluate a team’s early schedule. By analyzing a team’s early schedule NFL betting fans can make the best predictions possible regarding the important first few weeks of a season. As a result, NFL betting enthusiasts can predict how a team’s early schedule will impact the team’s confidence after the first month. Additionally, NFL betting fans can possibly predict how early wins or losses will influence a team’s subsequent NFL betting lines, which will help the gamblers analyze those NFL betting lines successfully.

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