NFL Betting Strategies: Handicapping Head Coaches

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

A head coach cannot win a NFL betting match up, but coaches influence the outcome of football betting match ups in other ways.

NFL betting enthusiasts often overlook the importance of head coaching as they handicap football betting odds. These NFL betting fans argue that head coaches have limited impact on any football betting match up and the most renowned head coaches are simply the ones lucky enough to have good players on their teams. However, this NFL betting philosophy is flawed because head coaches do, in fact, impact the outcome of both individual NFL betting contests and the general potential of a team in the NFL betting lines.

NFL betting enthusiast are often opposed to the idea of acknowledging head coaches for their influence because it is impossible to quantify the impact that a coach has on any given game. After a football betting match up, one can look at the completion percentage of the quarterback, the number of yards rushed by the running back, or any other of a large number of relevant statistics; but it is impossible to determine exactly how the head coach has influenced the game. Because a coach’s impact is so unclear, yet his mistakes can be so obvious, many NFL football betting fans downplay the impact of NFL head coaches. Some coaches, like Tony Dungy and Bill Belichick, are widely recognized as being high caliber coaches who have helped build their teams into champions. However, critical NFL betting fans would argue that Dungy and Belichick have simply profited from the talents of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, who are the real architects of their teams’ successes.

Nevertheless, NFL betting fans who question the importance of NFL coaches are incorrect in doing so. Football is often likened to a game of chess and head coaches are obviously the chess players manipulating the game. An incredible amount of scheming and strategy is involved in any NFL betting match up, and NFL coaches have made it to the NFL due to their abilities in this realm. Furthermore, head coaches are very important in developing a team that can succeed against the NFL betting odds. Simply put, the best coaches attract the best players. Additionally, talented coaches are able to guide their teams over the myriad challenges that a team must face during the NFL betting season.

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