NFL Betting Rapid Reports Debuts

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting for the 2009 season is set to begin and every team has important news that you want to follow. is debuting something they call RapidReports to give fans more information about each NFL team. That information could be interesting to follow for gamblers looking to bet NFL odds.

NFL betting news is always important to follow when making a wager at the sportsbook. will be putting a reporter with each of the 32 NFL betting teams as part of their RapidReports service. The reporters will be covering each team throughout training camp and the regular season.

RapidReports is going to have very brief NFL betting tippets from the reporters throughout the day. has said that the focus of the reporters will not be on covering the NFL betting game but that it will be more information based. While that might sound interesting to gamblers who are looking for NFL betting information, once the regular season starts the NFL odds information might be sparse. It should work great in training camp though as information about starting jobs, playing time and unsigned draft picks will be important to those involved in NFL betting. Once the regular season starts the NFL betting information is going to be focused on the games and might end up being more like what is seen in a newspaper.

NFL betting in the preseason should be interesting if the correspondents dig up good information. has said that the reporters will be paid and their information edited, so it should be like having a local reporter on the scene. They have also said that the goal is to have reporting that is closer to real time than what is normally seen with newspapers and even websites. Online betting info tells us that they have said that they will not be using Twitter for now. Some of the correspondents are well known including Bob Gretz who covered the Kansas City Chiefs for many years with the Kansas City Star newspaper. Cameron Holloway, who covered the St. Louis Rams in the NFL odds for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper is another of the correspondents who has a lot of NFL betting experience.

The content will not be used on CBS television but it may be used on CBS Radio. It will be interesting to see how well the service is used by those who read NFL betting information on a daily basis and look at NFL odds.

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