NFL Betting Preseason

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Betting NFL preseason games is how many people start the NFL betting season.

Betting NFL preseason games is how many people start the football betting season.

NFL betting during the preseason doesn’t get the big following at sportsbooks that regular season NFL betting does, but it can be a great place to make money.

There are a couple of major things that really control NFL betting in the preseason. Unlike the regular NFL betting season you can throw out statistics, trends and all the other handicapping factors and concentrate on only a couple of things. The big things in NFL betting during the preseason are player rotations, particularly the quarterbacks and a team’s motivation.  There is really nothing else you need to be successful in NFL betting during the preseason.

Those two things do require some work though. Every week the newspapers of the hometown teams will publish articles about the upcoming game, in addition to information on the team’s website. The goal for the football betting player is to find out how long the starters are playing for each team, find out the quarterback rotation, and find out which team might be playing their starters longer, etc. That is why reading the hometown papers and the team’s website is critical to you as a online football betting player. You can find out all of this information and you can find it before the sportsbook does.  That means you have the edge.

Sportsbooks don’t base their NFL betting lines in the preseason based on information, which means you can have a big edge on a preseason game. That almost never happens in the regular season. Your goal with NFL betting during the preseason is to find a team with a good rotation of starters versus a team playing their starters a shorter period of time. Another possibility is to find one team that has a good solid quarterback rotation against another one with rookies or weak starters. As the NFL betting preseason progresses you will also find the best plays and those are where one team is playing starters for three quarters or more against a team playing them for just a quarter or so.  Those football betting situations are the ones you love as an NFL betting player.

NFL betting during the preseason is something that many football betting players ignore because they wait for the NFL betting regular season. This is a mistake if you are a serious NFL betting player. Don’t forget that the advantage during the NFL betting preseason is yours, not the sportsbooks.  You must take advantage of this fact and do the work and get the edge.  It is one of the few times in NFL betting that you actually have an advantage against the sportsbook and you must use it.

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