NFL Betting Preparation

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The best time of the sports wagering year is NFL football season with great NFL betting thrills

Sportsbooks and NFL betting players love NFL football season more than any other time of the year. As you prepare for NFL betting there are some definite tips to keep in mind. Preparation is important in all forms of sports betting, and that definitely applies to NFL betting. Let’s look at some things that will help you as you prepare for this NFL football betting season.

Bankroll. Have a bankroll set aside for your NFL betting. Don’t be using it to pay bills or pay for other things like food, etc. It is for football NFL betting, period. Too many people use their NFL gambling bankroll for other things and that is a recipe for disaster during the long NFL betting season.

Money Management. Develop a good money management plan for your NFL betting and stick to it. Find the amounts that you feel comfortable with as a percentage of your bankroll. Don’t go betting it all on one game and taking yourself out for the entire NFL betting season.

Discipline in football betting. This is of critical importance in sports betting and in NFL betting. You can do everything right, but if you don’t keep yourself in control it won’t mean anything. Discipline may be the most important part of your NFL betting.

Don’t overreact. This is very hard to do in NFL betting but it is necessary. Just because a team wins 30-0 the previous week means nothing for the current week. Don’t fall in line with the media and the public and start believing the hype which is typical in NFL betting. The successful NFL betting player doesn’t overreact to last week’s results.

Shop for NFL betting lines. If you want to make money during the football betting season then get the best number every time you can. It has been shown that over the season it can increase your win percentage by 2-4 points. That is huge when it comes time to count your money at the end of the season. Open a few different sportsbook accounts. It is not good enough to have just one sportsbook to wager at. In football betting you must have different lines that you are able to look at. Anytime you can get a half point or more in your favor it is a big deal.

Do the work. If you want to be a successful NFL betting fan gambler then do the work required. Do your research, look at matchups, study the lines, etc. There are very few substitutes for putting in the time and the work required to win at NFL betting so do the NFL handicapping work required for your NFL picks.

Trust Yourself in your football betting. This is another tough one for many NFL betting players. You hear all the talking heads on TV and radio touting a particular team as a “can’t lose” proposition this week and it brainwashes you. You have to ignore the media and get beyond the hype. Trust your own handicapping and your own opinions. This very often comes down to your own “gut feel” for a game. Trust yourself before you trust some so-called expert.

Look for Streaks. In NFL betting you will see that there are going to be teams that struggle for weeks at a time. There are also teams that will go on nice winning streaks. If you can get in at the right time you can ride these streaks to give you nice NFL betting profits.

Go against the Hype. The more you hear something that everyone likes the less likely it is to win. If you can get used to going against the popular plays in NFL betting you have a very good chance of winning money. Popular plays don’t win very often and going against them could be a great idea for you.

College and Pro football betting differences. Understand that just because you win at college football betting doesn’t mean it will carry over to the NFL betting side. The same thing applies if you win at the NFL. The two sports are different and must be handicapped and bet differently if you want to win money during the football betting season.

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