NFL Betting Positive Expectations

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting sure is fun and exciting. As you prepare to bet football you should have expectations that are a hybrid of being both positive and yet realistic.

A positive attitude is a must to succeed at NFL betting but it must be tempered by the realism that you are undertaking the greatest and most difficult challenge in all of gambling which is to beat the oddsmakers in NFL betting.

NFL betting can be successful if you are able to take losing in perspective, as everyone, no matter how good they are as they bet football will lose from time to time. Developing a positive attitude has as much to do with what not to do as it does with what you should be doing. For example, you will not develop a positive attitude by going on tilt when you are losing and chasing those losses with bad bets on low percentage plays that you originally wanted nothing to do with in NFL betting. Conversely, you will develop a positive attitude by maintaining discipline, and not succumbing to emotionalism or anger at losses. When you learn to master yourself and your emotions, especially during tough times, you will learn to be positive as you will develop the ability to cope with and endure adversity, which is a trait that far too few gamblers possess as they bet football.

Being realistic is realizing that you will not win the lottery in NFL betting and you will not retire on an island after a month of NFL betting. Being realistic means that you respect NFL betting, and the oddsmakers, enough to know that you will struggle to hit fifty-six percent of your plays, and that NFL betting is a marathon grind rather than a “get rich quick” sprint.

The NFL betting player that is realistic and disciplined will be the one that has a chance to make money as they bet football. It is all about expectation in NFL betting. If you expect that you can grind out a profit then you have a chance but it you think you will win every game on the board then you probably will be out of the game quickly.

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