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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

How would you like to get an extra 6, 6.5 or 7 points on your NFL betting wagers.

Is it wise to buy points in NFL betting? Are there times when buying the extra half point is worth it? Let’s take a look.

When it comes to NFL betting the only number worth buying onto or off of is the number 3. However, many football betting sportsbooks won’t let us do it. Let’s say for argument sake that the NFL betting sportsbook will let us buy onto or off of 3. It can be profitable to buy the half point down from -3 to -2.5 or to buy it up from +3 to +3.5. It can also be profitable to buy from -3.5 down to -3 and from +2.5 to +3. In those last two cases we are turning a loss into a push, and the extra juice is worth it. In the first two football betting examples we are turning pushes into wins and that is even better.

Should we buy half points around numbers like 6 or 7? The NFL football betting numbers throughout the years tell us not to buy points around any other number other than 3 in NFL betting. The frequency of NFL betting games landing on 6 or 7 are not enough to offset the added cost of buying the extra half point.

Let’s take a look again at the only instance where it is worth buying the extra half point in NFL betting, the number 3. Let’s say we have our team getting 3 points in a game. We are going to buy the extra half point to make it +3.5. If the game falls 3 we now get a win instead of a push, and it costs us only an extra 10 percent in juice. The advantage to buying the extra half point in NFL betting also applies as we stated earlier when we turn the -3 into -2.5 and get a win instead of a push if the game lands 3. The other two examples we stated earlier turned losses into pushes when we turned +2.5 into +3 and -3.5 into -3.

It may be when buying the extra half point that your football betting sportsbook won’t let you do it on the number of three. Many offshore NFL betting sportsbooks will let you do it, it just depends. Sportsbooks in Vegas rarely, if ever, let you do it, because they are gutless. Offshore NFL betting books are much more likely to let you pay the extra price to get the number you want. But remember, it is only profitable to do it around the number of 3, and it only applies to NFL betting. This does not apply to any other sport, and the number of 3 is the only one to do it with. If you can remember this fact, then buying numbers will become a thing of the past for you unless you see that 3 in NFL betting lines.

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