NFL Betting Playoff Action

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The NFL betting playoffs have shown that the better team usually wins games in when you bet on football.

NFL betting playoff action is different than regular season action. As you look to bet football action during the playoffs you need to throw out the regular season strategies you were using. The playoff season is different and you need to use different NFL betting strategies.

NFL betting during the regular season has intelligent gamblers betting a lot of underdogs. That is not the case in the playoffs because NFL betting underdogs are not as profitable in the playoffs. They win much more often than they do in the regular season. That doesn’t mean every favorite will win in the NFL playoffs, but it does mean that they traditionally have done better in NFL betting. If you are considering the underdog in the playoffs then you really should just play them on the money line because usually the points are meaningless as you bet football. If the dog is going to cover in the NFL then they usually win the game outright.

There are probably many reasons in NFL betting that favorites do better in the playoffs, but the first and foremost is probably that teams don’t let up. You always seem to get a team’s best shot in the playoffs and that usually means the favorite will win when you bet football in the playoffs. The biggest thing to remember about NFL betting favorites is that usually the better team is favored. The oddsmaker usually has the right team favored but not always. Sometimes a team can get hot late in the season and they become the better team. There have been some occasions where teams get hot and just roll through the playoffs. Teams like Baltimore and Pittsburgh have been underrated in NFL betting and rolled to the Super Bowl. We have to remember when we bet football playoff action that with a few exceptions, the power teams usually win.

The NFL isn’t like the NBA, baseball or NHL because you only have one game to win. It has usually meant that a team is focused and more often than not the better team will win. That means you really need to look at favorites first in NFL betting. Once in a while the underdog will be the better team and surprise you in NFL betting, but if you look at recent play you can oftentimes pick out the better team if they happen to be an underdog.

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