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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

As you get into NFL Betting, you will notice that the best and most successful pro football teams rarely beat themselves.

NFL betting Champions are notorious for not making many mistakes and beating themselves. When you aim for some football betting, make sure you do it the right way.

One ruthless/expert opponent is more than enough. As a pro football gambler as you analyze the NFL betting lines,  you are going up against an opponent that is more formidable than any other that you will ever encounter in the oddsmakers. In NFL betting the pro football betting oddsmakers are experts at what they do, which goes far beyond setting up lines that meet the public betting market demands. In fact, the oddsmakers are so good at NFL betting and at what they do that they will often manipulate the mainstream gambling public into making horrific mistakes that translate into incalculable profits for the sportsbooks.

In football betting and with that in mind as a pro NFL betting fan you must not make yourself an opponent or enemy as one ruthless/expert opponent is more than enough for you to try and handle. Remember how things work in NFL betting, you are already in a game in which you must hit at a .523 clip just to break even and, thus, at a hard numeric/mathematical disadvantage right from the start. You simply cannot add to the house edge by playing give away. After all, in NFL betting the sportsbooks won’t be giving any of their edge back to you.

Some of the best hands played are those that are folded, applied to football betting. As an NFL betting gambler, you can take a page out of the poker lesson book. Poker players will often tell you that some of the best hands played are those that are folded. Translated into the realm of NFL betting this means that there are times in which you are going to have to cut your losses, to take them as a man and let them be.

One of the biggest mistakes made in NFL betting is to chase losses and bad beats and deviate from his bankroll allocation and overall vision and plan. When NFL betting fan slips down the path of chasing losses he is surrendering more territory to the sportsbooks and adding, rather than cutting, his losses in football betting.

Discipline in NFL betting is non-negotiable. The best weapon that a NFL betting fan has is not knowledge of football, since some of the biggest losers in gambling are actually “experts” at what they play. In football betting in general and in NFL betting what will separate a winning pro football gambler from a losing pro NFL betting “expert” is discipline and the ability to not be rattled and taken off course because of a bad beat or losing day.

As in life there will be days as a pro NFL betting gambler in which everything goes wrong, no matter what you do. But if you maintain self-control you will be able to endure those bad days and live to fight again when things go your way. Discipline in football betting is non-negotiable when it comes to surviving as a pro NFL betting fan.

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