NFL Betting: Parlay Strategies

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

By doing NFL betting with small parlays you can receive relatively high payoffs that some football betting fans prefer.

NFL betting with parlays is an extremely popular form of football betting due to the excitement and large wins that parlays can provide. Some NFL betting fans prefer to wager with small parlays, involving only two or three plays, which have a relatively high chance of winning but yield a limited payoff. On the other hand, some NFL betting fans prefer to place large parlays that involve a large quantity of plays and can provide massive payoffs when won.

NFL betting with parlays of only two or three teams is arguably the most common type of parlay wagering. Such parlays require the gambler to choose several football betting odds to place into a single wager that will win only if all of the individual plays on the NFL betting lines win. It is logically more difficult to make successful wagers on two or three NFL betting odds than just one, so these wagers pay out accordingly. Also, many NFL betting enthusiasts are drawn to parlays simply because they provide more excitement than a normal straight wager because they involve numerous NFL football betting match ups instead of only one.

Nevertheless, some NFL betting fans forego small parlays in favor of much larger parlays that will grant payoffs significantly higher than those offered for small parlays. For instance, six team parlays can often yield payoff odds of nearly fifty to one. As a result, NFL betting fans can place small wagers of only a few dollars and receive very handsome payouts on any winnings. It should be obvious to all football betting enthusiasts that these parlays are quite difficult to win, because correctly analyzing the NFL betting odds for a handful of specific match ups is naturally quite challenging. In other words, large parlays involve a trade off for NFL betting fans, as the payoffs are large but it is hard to win them frequently. Therefore, many NFL betting enthusiasts do not see large parlays as normal wagers, but rather entertaining wagers that are placed occasionally, such as after a big win. It would be unwise to make large parlays the focus of one’s NFL betting strategy, because the winnings are so irregular. Nevertheless, because large parlays are so entertaining one should not feel as though they must be wholly avoided.

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