NFL Betting on the Top Quarterbacks

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting on the teams with the best quarterbacks is predictably very popular in many football betting circles.

NFL betting fans are often more knowledgeable about quarterbacks than any other players in a football betting match up. Many gamblers feel particularly confident about NFL betting on the league’s top quarterbacks, as these star players have earned reputations for guiding their teams to victories. Nevertheless, NFL betting fans must recognize that a quarterback’s role is limited and even the best quarterbacks have bad games sometimes.

The teams with the best quarterbacks tend to have the best overall records as well, and NFL betting enthusiasts generally prefer wagering on the league’s better teams. Furthermore, quarterbacks play such a huge role in any NFL football betting match up that it makes sense to support a team boasting one of the league’s top handful of quarterbacks. In fact, quarterbacks have decisive roles in virtually every NFL betting match up that is on the football betting board in any given week. The elite quarterbacks have gained their elite level status from performing well on the field and earning victories for their teams. NFL betting enthusiasts know that a team with one of the top quarterbacks in the league can never be counted out. Therefore, the general preference for NFL betting on teams with elite quarterbacks is both logical and understandable.

Nevertheless, NFL betting fans must always consider how an elite quarterback impacts his team’s NFL betting lines. If a quarterback is adored by much of the football betting public then lines makers may favor the quarterback’s team in the NFL betting odds more than the team deserves. Furthermore, it is unfair to solely praise a quarterback based on the success of his team. NFL betting veterans know that quarterbacks need strong linemen, effective runners, and skilful receivers in order to truly succeed and be recognized as an elite quarterback. Additionally, even the best quarterbacks in the NFL, such as Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, do fail to play well in some NFL betting match ups. Even the best quarterbacks can make errors and have games filled with interceptions, as is well understood by legendary quarterback Brett Favre who holds the dubious record of most career interceptions. Therefore, when handicapping the NFL betting odds you should recognize both the strengths and weaknesses of the top quarterbacks and not be influenced by their superstar status that may make the quarterbacks appear infallible at times.

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