NFL Betting on Teasers

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

This type of NFL betting is particularly appealing to many football betting fans because it allows the excitement of the wager to involve numerous games.

NFL betting on teasers offers a unique form of football betting excitement that is very popular among some gamblers. Teasers allow NFL betting fans to include several games in a single play, which some football betting fans feel offers greater entertainment value. The key to NFL betting with teasers is to use the teasers to cross the most important point thresholds in the NFL betting lines.

NFL betting with teasers is similar to NFL football betting with parlays, with the main difference being that teasers involve the bettor receiving several points toward the benefit of each play within the wager. Just like parlays, football betting with teasers can involve just two plays or a handful of plays, although teasers generally have a limit of about eight plays while parlays with as many as ten plays can often be wagered on.

When you are NFL betting on teasers one of the biggest keys is to choose teasers that give extra benefit to the NFL betting lines by crossing significant point levels. For example, three is an extremely significant number in the football betting odds because so many NFL betting match ups are won by three points, meaning one field goal. This is the reason why the NFL betting board in any given week will likely reflect more NFL betting match ups with NFL betting lines of three than any other number. For this same reason, it can be particularly beneficial to utilize teasers to cross the three point threshold. For example, imagine you are considering an NFL betting line in which the favored team is favored by three points. In this type of NFL betting match up, the most attractive teaser to use would be the 6½ point teaser. Such is the case because a 6½ point teaser would change the -3 line into a +3½ line. Consequently, if the favored team were to lose by one field goal your teaser play would still win. NFL betting veterans know that three is undoubtedly the most important number to consider for these purposes, but four and seven are also significant numbers worth considering. Seven is a significant number because it is the general number of points earned from a touchdown, while four is important because it is the number of points that result from a touchdown (seven points) minus a field goal (three points).

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