NFL Betting on Star Players in Their Waning Years

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting enthusiasts are correct to recognize that superstar players can have major impacts on the football betting match ups in which they play.

NFL betting fans often focus considerably on the league’s superstars as the gamblers handicap the football betting odds. Nevertheless, many superstars continue playing in the NFL even after their skills have begun declining, so NFL betting fans must acknowledge these superstars’ decreasing abilities.

NFL betting strategy sometimes focuses on superstars because it is the superstar players who tend to frequently determine the outcomes of NFL betting match ups. Star quarterbacks, wide receivers, and running backs have become superstars by taking over games and carrying their teams to victory. Even though these stars obviously cannot win an NFL football betting match up on their own, there is little doubt that they can play particularly important roles in many games. Quarterbacks, for example, are the undisputed field generals and NFL betting fans should always comprehend that elite teams tend to have elite quarterbacks. Also, NFL betting fans know that running backs can set the tone of a team’s offense and allow it to control the tempo of a game.

However, superstars, just like their less famous NFL teammates, do not remain superstars forever. The NFL is an extremely demanding league and there is a limit on how many seasons a player can continue playing at an elite level. Despite this fact, many of the league’s superstars keep playing in the NFL even after their skills have begun to wane. This situation presents complications for some NFL betting enthusiasts who do not recognize that a certain superstar can no longer play like he did several years ago. Unfortunately, not recognizing a superstar’s decline can severely damage your handicapping of the football betting lines. If you analyze the NFL betting odds with the belief that a certain player will be one of the best on the field, when he will really be struggling, then there is a high possibility that your analysis of the NFL betting odds will be flawed. Also, a superstar’s decline can occur quite rapidly as his body ages and injuries add up. Therefore, a star who performed quite well one season may suddenly become a liability in the following NFL betting season. As a result, it is important to foresee and accept the decline of ageing superstars if you are going to handicap the football betting odds effectively.

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