NFL Betting Odds winning with winners

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

When you look at NFL betting odds sometimes the best way to find winners is to look at winning teams

Sometimes people look at NFL betting odds and try and figure out where the so-called value lies and get carried away looking for when a team is “due.”  You are usually better off in football betting going with winning teams as you consider NFL betting odds.

It is almost always easier as you look at NFL betting odds to pick winners if you look at a team that already has a winning record.  Teams that have something to play for and have already played well usually are a good place to start as you look at NFL odds. For example, the 2003-2004 New England Patriots won the Super Bowl and won for football betting players over 60% of the time.

This was a team that won games and also won for football betting players.  If you took the Patriots it was a simple strategy that worked. Another example came from the 2005 season when Arizona and Detroit both lost games straight up and against the spread.  Both of these teams didn’t win money or very many games during the season against NFL betting odds.  When considering NFL betting odds you can sometimes eliminate games just by avoiding the bad teams.  The same thing can be done in NFL betting odds as you identify winning teams in football betting.

As you identify winning teams when looking at NFL betting odds remember to consider how a team has played recently.  Check the schedule for possible traps such as letdown games, emotional letdowns, look ahead situations, etc as you look at NFL betting odds.  Look at the opposing team and see how they are measuring up in these same factors.   Make an NFL betting odds comparison with your numbers versus the actual NFL betting odds and see if you can find a play.  More often than not you will find that your handicapping in football betting will lead you to winning teams as you look at NFL betting odds.  As you find these winning teams you will usually avoid the bad teams at the same time as you look at NFL betting odds.

It is always a good idea to keep things simple in gambling.  Looking at winning teams and avoiding losing teams is definitely one way to keep things simple as you bet the NFL this season.

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