Choosing Totals from NFL Betting Odds: The quiet Way to Bet Pro Football

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

While betting on pro football sides is the most popular form of sports betting another way of pro football betting is with the over/under or totals that are posted according to NFL betting odds

You will find that the more sophisticated pro football bettors, also known as “sharps” will, in fact, focus on totals in NFL betting odds and play them for more money than sides. There is a lot more intelligent money if you look at NFL betting odds and bet on pro football totals than there is on sides, unless of course there is a snow or rain game and then the masses all jump in betting the under with a lot of ignorant money, forgetting that those who make NFL odds watch the weather channel too and adjust their numbers accordingly.

Just as is the case with sides, the oddsmakers will set traps with the over/under numbers from NFL betting odds. When teams such as the Baltimore Ravens play another low scoring opponent, the oddsmakers will often post a number so low that they appear to be begging the public to take the over from NFL betting odds. And that is just it, they are begging for over bettors because the game is STILL likely to go under the total, even if it is a very low number.

The opposite holds true for a matchup of high octane scoring machines. The oddsmakers will post an extremely high number in the attempt to terrorize football betting fans into taking the over from the NFL betting odds, with the game clearing the high number with ease anyway.

One thing to really pay attention to when looking for totals in NFL betting odds are injuries and weather reports, as that is what the general public pays a lot of attention to when they mess with over/unders in NFL betting odds. If a key quarterback is injured they will often overreact and be the under without fully considering the many other factors that one must take into account when analyzing a potential over/under wager in NFL betting odds. The same holds true for weather. The masses of asses will jump in and play the under over and over again with weather that features cold, snow, or rain. Many times, games played in these elements go over the total if for no other reason that the oddsmakers will adjust their NFL betting odds in anticipation of all of the football betting ignorant money that is going to come in, making for a nice “underlay” so to speak for sharps to oppose.

While totals are increasing in popularity with the general football betting public they are still not nearly as popular as sides. Monday Night Football and the other featured TV games attract the most over/under action.

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