NFL Betting Odds Value

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting odds value is what it is all about when you make football picks.

Getting value in your NFL football betting can be done if you know what situations to look for and what situations to avoid.

NFL betting odds are different than college football betting odds and must be looked at differently. Pro football offers much more in emotional intangibles that can be part of a successful NFL football betting strategy. Pro football’s division format sets up revenge games in which the team that lost the first game against a division opponent will often be ready to even the score in the rematch, particularly if the game is at home. If all other elements are equal this type of emotion and motivation by a revenge seeking pro football team merits consideration when looking at the NFL betting odds.

Another emotional and motivational angle that often pays off when looking at NFL betting odds is a small home dog of a field goal or less playing in a high profile game. Oftentimes small home dogs in NFL betting odds are up and coming teams that have not quite arrived, which gives them better value against the NFL football betting spread. When you combine that value with the added motivation and incentive of a small NFL betting odds home dog playing at home in front of an enthusiastic crowd against a team that is perceived as superior, as they try to prove their worth and gain respect, you often times have the winning edge as you look at NFL betting odds. Value is often found by looking beyond the obvious in NFL football betting. If you can do more research and more work than other bettors you can gain an edge and that is all you can hope for when you look at NFL betting odds.

One area in which there is potential danger, however, is large home NFL betting odds underdogs hosting a division rival. These teams will often come out onto the field hyped up and ready, but eventually get themselves worn down by a superior and proven team, popping the emotional bubble. Many gamblers that look at NFL betting odds get sucked into these types of traps and a lot of money is lost versus NFL betting odds.

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