NFL Betting Odds Summer Futures

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting odds futures are something that gets attention during the summer months before the start of each football betting season.

NFL betting odds futures are also something that many sportsbooks offer throughout the regular season as well. Astute NFL bettors always take a serious look at the NFL betting odds futures before the season begins as they look for value and big payoffs.

When you are looking at NFL Odds futures, there are a few things to consider. Remember that when you take action in an NFL betting future your money is going to be tied up all season. It doesn’t matter if your bet is a winner before the football betting season is over; you still don’t get paid until the entire season ends. Tying up money for four or five months is not that appealing unless you are getting some very good value.

Since we know that value is important I think getting double-digit odds on your bet is a necessity. Let’s say you are going to risk $100 on an NFL future bet. Are you going to tie up that money for months only getting 3-1 of 4-1 on your money? I don’t think so. But if you are getting back $1000 or $2000 for your $100 wager then NFL betting futures have a lot more sense. Obviously if you are getting those types of odds, the team is not going to be a favorite, but since when did a favorite before the season win the Super Bowl anyway?

There are other things to consider before you decide to go for some NFL betting futures besides getting a good value. What teams really have a legitimate shot to win the Super Bowl? You can probably narrow it down to 10 teams. For instance, before putting money on an NFL betting future think of this: Nearly every Super Bowl champion of past football betting seasons has had a very good quarterback. That immediately eliminates teams like Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, etc. In an NFL betting futures case, we want a pick with a good defense and a good quarterback. When New England won their titles they could rely upon defense and Tom Brady. In football betting years it was a similar formula. Very often as you look at future odds you might be able to spot a team with a solid defense and a good quarterback at decent odds. Remember that the NFL has the salary cap and that teams can improve quickly and this is good to consider also before aiming at NFL betting futures. A team with just a couple of missing pieces may improve during the off-season through free agency and become instant contenders. Those teams are worth taking a good hard look at.

Nothing is permanent, things are always changing. Remember this when making your NFL betting futures. That is the nature of the NFL and it can be to your benefit if you analyze it before attempting NFL betting futures. Sometimes you can find double-digit odds on NFL betting futures that can be appealing. You may also find those odds during the football betting season as teams play below their expectation level. Remember to keep in mind the ever-changing landscape of the NFL and you may find a few NFL betting future bet nuggets out there.

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