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December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting odds on parlays appeal to all types of gamblers.

The appeal of the parlay in NFL odds is obvious, as it has a huge graduated payoff scale that pays off at high levels for just a little bit of stake money.

NFL betting odds on parlays are when a gambler selects anywhere from two to ten plays, (referred to as “teams”), and puts them all together on a single bet. All of these picks must win or the entire bet loses. That means if a gambler has a five team parlay and wins four of those five plays the parlay still loses because of that one loss. The good news about NFL betting odds parlays is the payoffs. A typical two team NFL odds parlay pays off at NFL odds of about 2.6 to 1. The popular three-teamer pays about 6-1 while the four-teamer pays 12-1. You can even go up to the 10-teamer in NFL betting odds and get over 640-1. Now you can understand the appeal of NFL betting odds parlays to most gamblers.

Now it is no secret that the vast majority of NFL betting odds parlays lose and that sportsbooks love to take parlay wagers. But yet there is an art to actually making money at NFL betting odds parlays and an intelligent way to go about utilizing them and making the NFL odds structure work to your advantage.

Where so many gamblers go wrong is that they will have their one big pick as the anchor for all of their parlays. There is no greater mistake made in NFL betting odds parlays. The key is to have a good diversity of plays from college and pros, sides and totals. The more games that you check out means that the amount of games is better and the NFL betting odds are better. Never rely on one play to win your NFL betting odds parlays, but rather on several good ones.

NFL betting odds parlays are exciting, fun, and they can be profitable if you understand what you are getting into.

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