NFL Betting Odds overs

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The bottom line for many NFL betting odds players is that they lose money. It is a sad, but true statement when it comes to NFL betting.

One area that many people ignore when looking at NFL betting odds is over/unders. Many winning football betting players consider totals as part of looking at NFL betting odds. By looking at totals football betting players are able to get away from the public mentality of just betting sides and that is one way to beat the NFL betting odds.

Sometimes when looking at NFL odds things are not what they seem. For example, in 2005, the Kansas City Chiefs had a reputation of having an explosive offense and rotten defense. The Chiefs had the number-one ranked offense in the NFL at one time during the 2005 season and had the 25th ranked defense.

To the mainstream public looking at NFL betting odds this meant that the Chiefs would be going over the total every game. The oddsmakers that set NFL betting odds were well aware of this perception by the public and adjusted their lines accordingly. Despite their rankings and reputation for playing in high-scoring games the Chiefs went under ten out of sixteen games against the NFL betting odds in 2005. This was a great lesson on how things are not always what they seem as you consider NFL betting odds and look at NFL Betting statistics during the season.

The same thing happened in 2005 with the Cincinnati Bengals and Indianapolis Colts as people considered NFL betting odds. The 2005 Cincinnati Bengals had an explosive offense that ranked 4th in the NFL for points scored while their defense was awful. The public looked at the NFL betting odds and saw an “over” team but the football betting oddsmakers set the totals extremely high and the Bengals made players no money betting totals that season. The Indianapolis Colts had a well deserved reputation for having an explosive offense with Peyton Manning leading the way. The Colts were expected to go over every game against the NFL betting odds but went under in their first five games of 2005 and ended up going under the NFL betting odds in ten of their sixteen games for the entire regular season for football betting players.

Sometimes when you look at NFL betting odds you need to understand why the football betting lines were set the way they were. Things are not always as simple as they appear as you look at NFL betting odds so remember to look beyond the obvious as you bet NFL games this season.

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