NFL Betting Odds – More NFL Games Likely in Britain

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

This past week there was a game from London in NFL betting odds. The San Francisco 49ers beat the Denver Broncos 24-16 and covered the NFL odds at Sbg in the game from London.

The game in Britain was the fourth regular season game in London and it is not likely to be the last one.

84,000 at Wembley
Even with two struggling teams, Wembley was packed this past Sunday as 84,000 fans showed up to watch NFL football.  The 49ers and Broncos have struggled this season but it didn’t matter to fans in London who came out in force again.  The NFL was thrilled with the response and there is a very good chance that more than just one game per season is going to be scheduled in Britain in upcoming seasons.

Multiple Games in England
The NFL is likely to play one game in London next season and then multiple games in future seasons. The reason that there will probably not be multiple games there next season is the CBA. The league and the players still have to come to a new bargaining agreement which puts the games in London on the back burner a little bit.   Eight of the 32 NFL teams have now played an NFL game in London.  More will be playing in the future.  The league will continue to play a game in London and there is a very good possibility that games will be scheduled in Cardiff, Wales, or Edinburgh, Scotland.

The NFL is popular in the United States and it has proven to be popular in England as well.  The most popular sport in terms of betting in the U.S. is the NFL with the NFL betting odds getting a lot of action each week. There is no question that the NFL wants to take advantage of their growing popularity. Playing more games in England is definitely a way to take advantage of that popularity.  The time to expand in a sport is when interest is at an all time high and that is the case with the NFL.  If the league can avoid a work stoppage and get a new CBA in place they can then focus on having more games across the pond.

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