NFL Betting Odds Money Line

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

One option that many people forget when looking at NFL betting odds is the money line

It is an option that takes the pointspread out of the NFL betting odds equation.  You can oftentimes use the money line in football betting to give yourself different options as you consider the NFL betting odds.

If you play the money line as you look at NFL odds you don’t have to worry about the pointspread and you only worry about picking winners. Let’s look at an example you might see on the NFL betting odds board.  You might have New England at -240 and Miami at +200. This means that favored New England would win $100 for a better for every $240 wagered if the Patriots won.  Miami would return $200 plus the original $100 wager if they won the game.

Many people ignore the money line in NFL betting odds because they don’t see the value in playing the money line.  But that is not the way to look at the football betting money line.  When it comes to NFL betting odds you can’t just look at all of the stats, trends, and angles that everyone else looks at.  The money line gives you a chance to do something different in football betting.

What can happen when you bet the money line in NFL betting odds is that you may be a more confident bettor.  You don’t have to worry about laying points and worrying about covering the spread as you look at NFL betting odds.  You just pick the winner.  You can do something that very few people do when they look at NFL betting odds.  Doing something a bit unconventional is usually a good idea when getting involved in football betting.

Let’s see what can happen when you bet the money line against the NFL betting odds.  In 2005 the Sunday night game had the 2-0 Giants against the 0-2 Chargers. The game was a “must win” for San Diego who was struggling and the oddsmakers had them laying 7 points in the game against the NFL betting odds.  That was a high price to pay for a struggling team on the NFL betting odds.  The money line was another option for gamblers to consider though as they looked at NFL betting odds.  Then the 7 point spread would not be a factor.  The Chargers won and covered the game but having to lay no points instead of a TD made the game more playable in that situation and that is what can happen many times with NFL money lines in football betting as you look at NFL betting odds.

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