NFL Betting Odds Losers

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Sometimes gamblers try too hard and end up over-analyzing a situation or NFL betting odds that need far less brainpower than they think

One of the biggest traps that people make when looking at NFL betting odds is looking at losing NFL teams and trying to figure out when they will turn it around. This is a quick way to lose money in football betting.

Many times when looking at NFL betting odds you will see teams that consistently have losing records. Teams like Detroit and Arizona consistently lose in the NFL. Usually when a team is a loser straight up they also lose money against the spread in NFL betting odds. What this means to football betting players is that losing teams are not good bets against the NFL odds.

Sometimes there are exceptions. In 2005 the Detroit Lions finished 9-7 against the NFL betting odds despite the fact that they were a rotten team straight up. What helped the Lions against the NFL betting odds is that they were so unattractive to football betting players and that gave them extra value against the NFL betting odds. Although there are exceptions, most of the time teams that lose straight up also lose against the football betting odds.

Oddsmakers have been known to set traps with their NFL betting odds. You really don’t want to try and figure out what the oddsmaker is trying to do with NFL betting odds in games with bad teams. You are best of just avoiding the games. For example, there was a game a few years ago when the San Francisco 49ers were 2-2 against the football betting odds but came into a game against Indianapolis as a 16.5 point underdog. The oddsmakers were trying to suck the public into taking the 49ers against the NFL betting odds. The Colts ended up covering this NFL betting odds example 28-3.

When looking at NFL betting odds you really need to ask yourself how often you want to have your money on a losing team. Let other football betting players try and figure out when losing teams will turn things around. You can just avoid the teams altogether when looking at NFL betting odds.

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