There is NO Value in a NFL Betting Odds Loser

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

What many people fail to remember when considering NFL betting odds is that there is no value in a losing play

Regardless of how much information was on your side before the game, if you lost against the NFL betting odds you received no value.  Too many so-called experts preach about getting value in football betting.  What they fail to remember is that there is no value in a loser against the NFL betting odds.

One way to go against the so-called value experts is to take the money line when considering NFL odds.  It is tough sometimes to lay out that -300 on the NFL betting odds money line but it oftentimes works.  The bottom line when considering NFL betting odds should be to win, period.  The experts can talk all they want about getting value in NFL betting odds but the bottom line is that if the game loses you have no value.

That is what so many people forget as they consider NFL betting odds.  Always remember that there is no value in a losing wager in football betting.  Everything can point to a game being a winner and having great value but if they game doesn’t win then you have absolutely no value.  A winning wager is really all that counts.

There will be times when you look at NFL betting odds that taking the points is the way to go.  We don’t want to ignore underdogs as we look at NFL betting odds but we don’t want to be taking high priced favorites either.  That is where a money line can come into play in NFL betting odds.  It gives you the option of laying money instead of points and only worrying about winning the game.  You don’t worry about points or NFL betting odds.  You just worry about your team winning the game.  It makes things kind of simple in terms of NFL betting odds and if will come to realize that simple is oftentimes best in football betting.  Just because a team looks good on the football betting odds board does not mean they will win and just because you have value or statistics in your favor doesn’t mean you will win when considering NFL betting odds.  Always keep in mind that there is no value in a loser against the football betting odds.  It is really as simple as that.

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