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December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

While betting on pro football sides is the most popular form of sports betting another way of pro football betting is with the over/under or totals that are posted according to NFL betting odds.

Some bettors take pride in being “hard working” pro football handicappers that would uncover in NFL betting odds all kinds of fantastic trends, stats, angles and such.

As they lose week after week they blame it on “bad luck” rather than do a deeper introspection. But it’s time to face the truth, which is that they use the same material and data as everyone else when looking at NFL betting odds. They work hard with the same tools that the masses use. The oddsmakers know everything football betting fans “uncover” with their “hard work” and many other things they don’t know.

What those NFL odds fans were doing was inadequate to the task as they were trying to beat the oddsmakers at their own game with common knowledge that was out there for anyone who wanted it. And this has happened since before the internet revolutionized handicapping and football betting, where nowadays there are even fewer secrets or hidden angles that pro football bettor can use when looking at NFL betting odds.

Stop and think about this now. Let’s start with the “weathermen”. These are the guys that sprint up to the betting windows at sportsbooks or click their mouse pads wildly betting disproportionate amounts from their gambling bankrolls on “unders” from NFL betting odds because of rain or snow storms. It never seems that these reactive ignoramuses stop and think about the fact that the oddsmakers get the weather channel too, and adjust their NFL betting odds accordingly in a PROACTIVE manner in preparation for the “weathermen.” Then there are the “doctors” who go in wild binge bets because of injuries to key personnel on the team that they are betting against in NFL betting odds. Again, the oddsmakers know all of this and had already set their lines and NFL betting odds in preparation for such reactions, or overreactions. Again, such reactive behavior by gamblers is BEHIND the curve as the ones who make the NFL betting odds are the first to see the injury reports.

Then there are the “anglers” who love to wager big money in NFL betting odds based on what some jerk said in the paper, or somebody giving a “guarantee” on TV and other related incidents. The oddsmakers read the papers and watch Sportscenter as well, and know how sports news translates into mainstream football betting perception. That’s how they make the NFL betting odds.

Once you realize that the oddsmakers know everything and more that you know, you will look for more original, contrarian, and different angles in NFL betting odds that will separate you from the masses and likely on your way to the cashier’s cage.

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