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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

It is an excellent question and one in which you may want to take a look at as you bet NFL betting odds games this season.

What one football betting factor will determine whether you win or lose against the NFL betting odds? It is an excellent question and one in which you may want to take a look at as you bet NFL games this season.

Some NFL betting odds players look strictly at trends. They look to the past to see how a team has fared against an opponent in previous years and what those against the spread numbers show against the current NFL odds. They look at how a team does after a double-digit defeat, how it plays after it wins big, how it does in non-divisional games, etc. These types of handicappers analyze each team’s record on grass and on turf. They look at how each team performs against the spread and NFL betting odds, and break that down further into the home/away splits. You could call these technical handicappers, because they look at trends, statistics and just plain numbers. If the trends and numbers hold true then these handicappers will win. If they don’t hold true then they will lose against the NFL betting odds.

The next type of handicapper is the NFL pointspread handicapper. Nothing but the pointspread matters to him when taking picks in NFL betting odds. These handicappers look strictly at the number and for value in NFL betting odds. Trends, statistics, etc, don’t mean anything to these NFL handicappers. These types of handicappers look for weakness in NFL betting odds. Period.

As you bet NFL games which method do you use? Is one better than the other? You would think that in NFL football betting that you would be able to pick at least 55% winners from NFL betting odds and make money. Why doesn’t it happen? The main problem is that people don’t manage their money properly. They win a good percentage, yet give it all back on one game. They have no money management and no discipline.

They say in poker that the winners know how to bet. The same can be said about winning NFL gambling players. They know how to bet NFL games and pick NFL betting odds. They may not be the best technical or pointspread handicapper but they are the best at controlling their bankroll and take picks from the NFL betting odds. That is oftentimes what separates winners from losers in NFL football betting. Keep that in mind this season as you make your own NFL bets and look at NFL betting odds. Manage your money and stay disciplined. That is how winners bet NFL games and the way you should too.

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