NFL betting odds- Pats expected to win Big vs Jags

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting odds makers have not put the Pats on the losing end of the NFL betting odds yet this season.

And they are not going to start now once the NFL betting playoffs have begun. After running off a miraculous 16-0 regular season record against eh NFL betting odds, the NFL betting experts are once again favoring the New England Patriots to win big on Saturday.

NFL betting odds makers have favored the Pats at home by nearly two TDs at 13 ½ points. It is an enormous point total to be favored by, especially in the playoffs and a very risky strategy by NFL betting odds makers. But, as with most of the season, sports bettors are reluctant to bet against the Pats and so NFL betting odds makers are forced to inflate the points spreads against the Pats.

In reality the Pats are more likely a nine point favorite give or take a point, but if the NFL betting odds makers set the NFL betting lines as such no one would take the bait. But that’s good news for bettors as they can now place a bet on the Jags to beat the spread and reasonable expect to come out on top. The Pats are the better team of that there is little question. The team was better than every other team in the league this season and it wasn’t as if it has a cupcake NFL betting odds schedule either.

The Pats will win this game. A very safe and easy NFL betting odds move would be to bet on the Pats to win outright. However, the payoff would be minimal. Instead, the wise bet would be to pick the Jags to beat the NFL betting odds. Jacksonville will probably lose, but it will be a closer game than many NFL betting odds experts seem to envision.

The Jags provide a very interesting match up for the Pats. They are a huge team that is perfectly built for late season cold weather games. And they should be able to dominate both sides of the line of scrimmage and that will keep them in this NFL betting odds match up. They should be able to run the ball on a vulnerable Pats defense and also shut down the pats running game. However, the Pats passing game will ultimately win the NFL betting odds contest. Brady, Moss, Welker and Stalworth are simply much better than everyone else in NFL betting odds.

Pick the Pats to win but look for the Jags to keep it closer than two TDs and beat the NFL betting odds.

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