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December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting shows you that NFL betting odds come in many shapes and sizes and give us many different NFL gambling opportunities.

Let’s look at each of these different NFL betting odds and learn to understand them. Having conscious over the NFL betting odds will obviously make your life easier when placing your wagers in football betting.

The first basic NFL betting odds lists are the side and the total and looks like this:

105 New England Patriots -3 106 Buffalo Bills 41

The NFL odds show that you are risking $110 for every $100 dollars wagered on either the side or the total or the 11/10 equivalent. If you like New England the NFL betting odds state that you must win the game by more than three points to collect your NFL bet. And on the other hand, if you like Buffalo the NFL betting odds in this case say that you must either win the game outright or lose by less than three points to collect. If the Patriots win by exactly three points you get a tie, or what is called a push, and your money is refunded. The total number of points is 41 and you can wager the game to go over or under that amount. This is the way the NFL betting odds work in this first example. The following is another example of a way to read the NFL betting odds. The next NFL football betting line you are likely to see is called the money line and looks like this:

New England -160 Buffalo +140

In the NFL betting odds, the NFL money line wager is just a bet on who will win the game outright, no points involved. If you like New England you are risking on these NFL betting odds, $160 for every $100 dollars wagered or the 16/10 equivalent. If you like the Bills and they win, you win 140 dollars for every 100 dollars wagered or the 10/14 equivalent according to the NFL betting odds. One more example of the NFL betting odds to take in consideration is this one. The next most common NFL football betting-* line you are likely to see is the halftime line. It looks like this:

New England PK -150 Buffalo 18

If you like the Patriots for the second half you are risking $150 for every 100 dollars according to the NFL betting odds. If you like the Bills you get $130 for every $100 wagered. The take back on the Bills is $20 dollars lower than the price on New England; therefore, it is called a 20-cent line. For these NFL betting odds, the total of 19 is the amount of points for the second half and you can wager over or under that amount risking the traditional 110 for every 100 dollars bet.

Those are the basic NFL football betting lines you will see during the NFL football season.

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