NFL Betting Odds and TV

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting odds are the most popular type of sports betting odds.

The NFL is the most popular sport in the world and it is also the most heavily watched on television. The NFL is King over the competition, and not just other sports, but TV in general.

NFL betting odds make the NFL very popular. The Super Bowl is almost always the top rated television show of the year and it is definitely the number one in terms of NFL betting odds. In many cities the NFL games rank as the top rated programs on all the local stations. On cable it is even more pronounced with the NFL running over the competition. In terms of NFL betting odds there is also no comparison as NFL betting odds dominate all other sports.

CBS got back into the NFL game in 1998 as it outbid NBC for the AFC games. NBC is back in the picture with Sunday night games that have great NFL football betting odds. The NFL and NFL betting odds have also been a big reason why ESPN has become the dominant sports television entity they are today. The NFL has great power over many things including NFL betting odds and the cities that participate. The NFL has told Las Vegas that they could not have huge big screen Super Bowl parties. It told ESPN to get rid of its series “Playmakers.” The NFL has the power basically to do whatever it wants and the world has to follow along even though NFL betting odds are popular. NFL football betting is a big part of the NFL but you will never get anyone in the NFL league office to admit as much. NFL football betting has always driven the NFL and that continues to be the case today. Everyone outside of the league office talks about the NFL betting odds on a daily basis. Newspapers, TV shows, radio shows, and magazines all talk about the NFL betting odds each week and make NFL betting odds a big part of their content.

Since the NFL is so popular, networks can also charge an exuberant price. Because of the NFL’s popularity on television the networks pay through the nose to televise the games. Television ratings control the television marketplace and the NFL has the highest ratings of any program and NFL betting odds are a big reason why. The NFL has an amazing product that everyone wants and NFL football betting is part of the equation.

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