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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

To win at NFL betting requires that you do more than just bet your favorite team every week

It requires that you do some research and have the proper bankroll for the football betting season.  Successful NFL betting means you have the nerve to do the right things when it comes to NFL betting and it is not as simple as it might sound.

To win at NFL football betting requires the courage to stand your ground and oftentimes go against the public and the media and the hype that seems to come out every single week in the NFL. The first thing you need to know in NFL betting is that much of what it takes to win won’t make any sense. It seems as if no other sport provides as many tough losses as NFL football does. It also seems that a lot of people that win in NFL betting are on the right side of those close losses and the football betting players that lose are on the wrong side.  Why does that happen? Why do some people in NFL betting that get all the breaks and others have all of the bad beats? The few people that had the nerve to think for themselves and oppose the masses are the ones that get the breaks. It is very hard to go against the public and think independently but it is what works in NFL betting.  It may not always be easy or make sense, but it works in NFL betting.

It definitely takes a lot of nerve to wager money on a loser of a football team, even if they are getting a lot of points but that is what you must oftentimes do in NFL betting to win money in the long run. Sometimes a heavy NFL favorite like Indianapolis or New England looks like a sure thing against a poor team like Cleveland or Arizona but in the end they don’t cover the spread.  It happens every single week in NFL betting.

A good thing to remember in NFL betting is to look at things from the oddsmaker’s perspective.  That means to think like a sportsbook does.  Try and think what the sportsbook wants in a game instead of what the public wants in NFL betting. Do not be afraid to challenge what the public thinks and go the other way.  That is what works in NFL betting.  You can be like everyone else if you want and follow the public opinion or you can do the opposite and have the nerve to take the unpopular play in football betting.  It is really your choice in NFL betting but now you know what works and what does not in football betting.

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