NFL Betting: Monitor Injuries in the Offseason

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

It is imperative for NFL betting enthusiasts to follow the progress that players experience during the off-season when no football betting is occurring.

NFL betting enthusiasts generally take an extended break from the world of football betting during the NFL offseason. However, it is very important for NFL betting fans to continue following NFL news, even during the offseason, as events and developments that occur in the offseason can have a direct impact on football betting during the regular season. For instance, NFL betting fans should always monitor players’ offseason recovery from injuries to see how well players are recuperating and whether they will be fully recovered by the time NFL betting on the regular season commences.

NFL betting fans all realize that injuries are extremely common in football and must be considered before handicapping the football lines for any game during the season. Many players will experience season-ending injuries during the course of any given NFL season, while many others will suffer through minor injuries without missing any games. Virtually every player in the NFL cherishes the offseason as a time to recuperate from all of the injuries, both minor and major, that occurred during the previous season. Because injuries are so important to NFL football betting, it is necessary for NFL betting enthusiasts to monitor how well players recover during the offseason. If you completely ignore this important NFL betting information then the next NFL season will begin and you will have no idea about the potential that many different players have to perform well.

Many NFL players can completely recuperate from their injuries during the offseason. Consequently, as you evaluate the football betting lines in the following season you do not need to be concerned that past injuries will continue hampering a player. In fact, some players even improve after having offseason surgery, as small injuries that may have been ignored in the past completely disappear with surgery, allowing the player to perform without pain. On the other hand, some injuries have lasting affects on the injured players that are never completely overcome. For example, NFL betting fans know that Daunte Culpepper severely injured his knee in 2005 and could never fully return to his previous ability levels. When players suffer serious injuries like Culpepper’s, NFL betting fans must acknowledge the reality of the situation and accept that such players must be evaluated differently when analyzing future NFL betting odds.

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