NFL Betting Mental Mistakes

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

One of the biggest mental mistakes that an NFL betting player can make is to not think for himself.

If an NFL betting player lacks the confidence to bet on his own picks he will continually lose money in football betting.

If an NFL betting player puts his money on the line based on what a tout sheet, commentator, or friend said about a game he has lost control over his bankroll and over his NFL betting in general. There may be some good resources to use for NFL betting but to blindly follow any one person or system is usually a recipe for disaster. One way that many NFL Football betting players fall into this trap is by betting line moves. This is one of the most basic mistakes that NFL betting players make. Many gamblers will sit at their computers or at sportsbooks and watch NFL betting lines moves.  They will assume that the “wise guys” are on a particular side so they will follow the move and bet with their own money.  The problem with following a line move in football betting is two-fold.  One – you don’t know the reason for the line move, and two – they don’t win enough to make them profitable.

Another major mistake that many NFL betting players make is getting talked out of their own plays.  For example, an NFL betting player will often find a solid side or total play early in the week, do the research on it, and verify that it’s a good play. He will then toss the play away by allowing himself to be talked into a different play by a tout, TV opinion or a friend.  It is called being brainwashed into a play by other football betting players, the media or a tout and going with what they say instead of your own play.  It is a major mistake made by NFL betting players each week.

Another mistake made by NFL betting players is to bet on games based on just one bit of information while ignoring other important factors that may have kept the bettor from playing a game. Those things may have been a key injury, weather, etc.  Ignoring one factor while concentrating on another is a big mistake many NFL betting players make on a regular basis.  Remember in football betting that avoiding mistakes is a big key to making money.  The fewer mistakes you make in football betting the more money you will make and that is definitely.

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