NFL Betting Lines – Week 8 Power Rankings

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The top teams in NFL betting lines heading into Week 8 still reside in the AFC.

You can make a case for one of three teams at the top in NFL lines as there is not much separating Pittsburgh, New York and New England. Let’s take a look at the power rankings heading into Week 8.

The three best teams in the power rankings all have identical 5-1 records.  The Steelers, Jets and Patriots were at the top of the rankings last week and they remain there this week.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers were lucky this week but good teams find ways to win and the Steelers won at Miami.
2. New York Jets – The Jets had a bye last week.
3. New England Patriots – The Patriots won at San Diego and continue to get the job done.
4. Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens nearly laid an egg against Baltimore but still found a way to win.
5. Indianapolis Colts – The Colts had a bye last week.
6. Tennessee Titans – They looked great in the win over Philadelphia.
7. New York Giants – Still in good shape in the NFC East.
8. Atlanta Falcons – They won against Cincinnati but we are still not sold.
9. Houston Texans – Huge game vs. the Colts in NFL betting lines.
10. Green Bay Packers – Won vs. Minnesota but they have flaws.
11. New Orleans Saints – Shocking loss to Cleveland.
12. Miami Dolphins – The hard luck team in the league.
13. Kansas City Chiefs – A big win against the Jaguars.
14. Washington Redskins – Shanahan finds a way to win.
15. Philadelphia Eagles – Bad loss against the Titans. Back to Vick at QB
16. Chicago Bears – Continue to freefall.
17. Minnesota Vikings – Favre looks terrible.
18. Seattle Seahawks – Pete has them at 4-2 and in first place.
19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Found a way to win vs. Rams.
20. Dallas Cowboys – Still have a lot of talent.
21. Denver Broncos – What a disgrace against Oakland.
22. San Diego Chargers – Continue to find ways to lose close games.
23. St. Louis Rams – Tough loss at Tampa.
24. Arizona Cardinals – Bad loss vs. Seattle in NFL lines.
25. Cincinnati Bengals – A lot of talent, few wins.
26. Oakland Raiders – Shocking win at Denver.
27. Jacksonville Jaguars – Continue to look worse each week.
28. Cleveland Browns – Huge upset vs. the Saints.
29. Detroit Lions – Matthew Stafford returns this week.
30. Carolina Panthers – Matt Moore got them a win.
31. San Francisco 49ers – Found a way to lose again.
32. Buffalo Bills – Showed life vs. the Ravens.

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