NFL Betting Lines – Week 1 Overreaction as Super Bowl Odds Move

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

If there is one thing you can count on in NFL betting lines it is overreaction.

Just one week is in the books in the NFL and Super Bowl odds have moved radically.  The new favorite at the Sbg sportsbook to win the Super Bowl is the Green Bay Packers are 7.5 to 1.

The Packers were highly respected before the season started so to see them favored is not a huge shock.  The Indianapolis Colts were the preseason favorite and now they are 11 to 1.  The defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints are 10-1. The Dallas Cowboys lost their season opener and their odds have risen to 13-1.  The Washington Redskins get one win and suddenly their odds have dropped to 30-1.  The overreaction has already started and it is only Week 1.

Houston Now 20-1 in Super Bowl Odds – Look what happens when you get a big victory in the NFL.  Everyone jumps on the bandwagon.  The Texans were not even given a sniff in preseason Super Bowl odds and now suddenly they are 20-1 in NFL lines after beating Indianapolis.  If there ever was an overreaction this may be it.  The Texans have never even made the playoffs in their history and now suddenly they are serious Super Bowl contenders?  The Texans visit Washington this week and one of those teams is going to be 2-0 and the bandwagon will get bigger.

Take a Deep Breath – When you look at Super Bowl odds at the Sbg sportsbook after week 1 you need to take a deep breath and stay calm.  Don’t overreact to one week of action.  Yes, the Texans looked very good in beating the Colts but Houston had been looking forward to that game since the schedule came out.  The Colts still have Peyton Manning and they are still good.  The Cowboys lost their season opener at Washington but Dallas was overvalued in Super Bowl NFL betting lines anyway. As long as Wade Phillips is their head coach they are a bad bet to win it all. The Redskins didn’t do much and suddenly now they are considered contenders?  Let’s wait a few weeks and see if they can score some points on offense.

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