NFL Betting Lines – Week 10 Power Rankings

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

An NFC team has made it into the top five in the power rankings as we head into Week 10 of NFL betting lines.

The New York Giants are getting some respect in NFL lines and it is hard to argue as they have won five in a row.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers -The Steelers played on Monday night but win or lose they are still the team that no one wants to play with their great defense and a balanced offense.
2. New York Giants -They have just run over teams recently and you could make a case they are the best team in the NFL right now.
3. Baltimore Ravens -Ravens were impressive in the win over Miami.
4. New England Patriots -The Patriots joined the group of teams at 6-2 after the loss to Cleveland.
5. New York Jets -They found a way to win at Detroit.
6. Atlanta Falcons – They won their big game against Tampa Bay.
7. Indianapolis Colts – Tough loss at Philadelphia.
8. Green Bay Packers – Packers finally starting to look like a contender.
9. New Orleans Saints – Two straight wins have the Saints back on track.
10. Philadelphia Eagles – This team looks good with Vick at QB.
11. Tennessee Titans – How will Randy Moss fit with Tennessee?
12. San Diego Chargers – They get a bye this week to rest up.
13. Miami Dolphins – Brutal schedule is holding this team down.
14. Oakland Raiders – This team actually looks good.
15. Kansas City Chiefs – Gave the game away against Oakland.
16. Houston Texans – It looks like another .500 season.
17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Played well but lost in Atlanta.
18. Washington Redskins – Coming off a bye and the McNabb benching.
19. Chicago Bears – It is a miracle this team is 5-3.
20. St. Louis Rams – They can win the NFC West.
21. Minnesota Vikings – Season on the line this week vs. Chicago.
22. Jacksonville Jaguars – Are they a playoff contender?
23. Cleveland Browns – Browns look good with McCoy and Hillis.
24. Detroit Lions – They cover vs. the NFL lines seemingly every week.
25. Cincinnati Bengals – Is there any hope for the Bengals?
26. Seattle Seahawks – This team looks sick but they still lead the West.
27. Arizona Cardinals – Should have beaten the Vikings last week.
28. San Francisco 49ers – Two wins but just two games back in the West.
29. Denver Broncos – Coming off a bye week.
30. Carolina Panthers – They are worse than the Bills in NFL betting lines.
31. Buffalo Bills – The Bills still don’t have a win but they are still trying.
32. Dallas Cowboys – The team has quit and not a team to bet at Sbg global.

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