NFL Betting Lines Value

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting lines value can be found in many places but rarely is it found by laying more points than you should.

Value means that you get something at a bargain price. If you wouldn’t pay too much for something on the street then why would you do it against the football odds?

NFL betting lines will have a number of poor value plays on the board each week. The reason for the lack of value plays in NFL betting lines is public perception. The sportsbooks are trying to attract equal action on both sides of a wager in theory but they are also trying to steer and trap gamblers into taking the wrong side versus the NFL betting lines. This happens because certain teams look too good to be true versus the football odds. It is these games that really crush gamblers throughout the season.

A good way to spot a trap in NFL betting lines is when you see that a favorite is the highly popular pick of the public. In fact, what is most ironic about these plays versus the NFL betting lines is that the masses actually believe that they are getting a bargain. The masses will use such phrases as “They’ll kill ’em,” and “It won’t even be close” as they look at what they believe to be certain mismatches in football odds. And so they bet these trap games in football odds. This is no different than going into a jewelry store and seeing a nice diamond ring and just making the ticket purchase price, not even giving the store a chance to bring the price down, which they will often do. And yet gamblers will see an attractive football team and make the bet versus the NFL betting lines, no questions asked, without even shopping for better games.

Have you ever heard the saying that if everybody is thinking the same way, then nobody is actually thinking? Such is the way wagering against the NFL betting lines works. When the masses hop all over something without asking a lot of questions, there is a problem and you should do all you can to avoid it when betting football odds. What intelligent gamblers will do is go the other way versus those NFL betting lines. When you are getting more points than you should on the NFL betting lines you are getting back some of the house edge. You are also getting a bargain value and, more often than not you will find yourself a winner versus NFL betting lines.

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